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Hello World!

Hey, this post is just a tribute to great tradition of learning any new thing with outputting a Hello World! label.

If you’re a software developer like me, I’m sure you’ve printed this label many times in the past, using many different languages. So you will understand why I just couldn’t resist starting my blog with it.

My first Hello World! was at the age of 6 when I’ve written my first program using BASIC programming language. My elder sister had some computer science course in the university and parents bought an Agat II computer, which is a Soviet Union clone of Apple II.

The source code was something like (yes, there’s only 1 line):


At that time I didn’t even know any english words and hardly understood what PRINT means, but the fact that I can output something on the screen was really amazing.

PRIVET is just a Hi! in Russian 🙂

After that, there were many different Hello World!, but I guess that moment really determined my future.

What was your first Hello World?

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